Custom furniture in Burgos

Specialists in designing and creating custom and quality furniture

We create the furniture that your home, office or space you want to furnish requires. Completely personalized and manufactured to your needs, with premium finishes and materials.
Send us a sketch, an image or tell us your idea and our custom furniture design team in Burgosle will adapt it to your home.
If you prefer, we can also advise you and inspire you with the multiple works that we have developed throughout our history, we are sure that we will surprise you!

1. Design

We will design the furniture adapting to your indications, tastes, styles and needs, with a very competitive price and a superior quality standard, with great durability. Dining rooms, living rooms, tables, closets, bedrooms, bookcases, dressing rooms, bathroom furniture, television furniture... We include professional measurement of the space.

2. Materials

Woods of all types, lacquers, hardware... We work with brands and materials of all styles, always selecting the materials that adapt to what you are looking for. We are specialists in custom wooden furniture, so we can advise you on multiple options.

3. Manufacturing

Once the furniture has been designed and the materials selected, we proceed to its manufacture. In our own facilities and workshop we combine the most modern furniture manufacturing technologies with the tradition and experience of our team to achieve furniture of unbeatable and proven quality.

4. Transportation, installation and assembly

We will finish with the transportation, installation and assembly in the most careful way and with extreme attention to detail. A serious, professional and delicate job for your home.
Ask us for a quote without obligation.

Other services

Companies and shops

Remodeling and comprehensive construction of all types of businesses, companies and shops. Ask us your needs and we will study all the possibilities.

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Kitchens in Burgos The widest variety of complete and equipped kitchens Style, quality, variety and functionality, for your new kitchen. We design your kitchen

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Major work

More than 35 years of experience working for developers, construction companies and real estate agencies in Burgos.

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We carry out the comprehensive remodeling of portals at the service of the professionals who direct the different jobs.

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Special enclosures

We manufacture all types of wood and glass doors and passage doors, wood, glass and polycarbonate lattices and customized screens for any type.

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We create custom furniture in Burgos with unmatched mastery and attention to detail. Our focus is not limited to furniture manufacturing; We are dedicated to creating pieces that tell stories, capture emotions and transform spaces.

Our commitment to excellence in custom furniture extends beyond manufacturing. We offer a complete service including consultation, design, manufacturing and installation. Our team ensures that every stage of the process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

At Madepark, we believe that custom furniture is more than just objects; They are extensions of our clients' personality and lifestyle. That's why each piece we create is unique, designed to reflect your individual tastes and needs.

Visit us today and discover how custom furniture in Burgos from Madepark can transform your space and enrich your everyday life.

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